Image of new trainee Mojere Ajayi-Egunjobi wearing an all orange outfit, leaning on a wall and looking at the camera with a smile. She is standing up and supported by forearm crutches.
Photo by Hannah Adereti

Who’s who: Mojere – Unlimited Trainee 2019

As she starts her traineeship, the newest member of the Unlimited team introduces herself and tells us about her journey to Unlimited. 

Hi, I’m Mojere the new Unlimited trainee based at Shape Arts. 

My journey to Unlimited was kind of fated. I come from a Nigerian background, where the arts are not really looked at as a real career but seen more as a frivolous pastime. Thankfully I was born to a mother who decided to break the mould and become an artist herself and so it destined that I would follow in her footsteps. I started writing when I was young and I haven’t stopped since. When I finished college I decided to join my passion for film with creative writing and studied both at university. 

Alongside studying film and creative writing, I’ve worked with different arts organisations picking up producing skills and learning what goes into putting on a big exhibition or production. In 2018, I assisted on a project called 20 Days which ran in the Tate Exchange over the summer holidays. I’ve also been a Young Associate with Ovalhouse theatre and a Youth Ambassador for the Southbank Centre, so I have a lot of experience working on a wide scope of different projects. I’m excited to bring these skills to Unlimited and pick up some new ones. 

My artwork draws on my intersections, of which there are many. While some people might be daunted existing between so many conflicting identities, I find my strength in them and I think they give me a unique perspective on life. I’m happy to be working somewhere that my intersections are not barriers but are celebrated. In the past I’d struggled with talking about how having a disability affects me. But looking at the archive of Unlimited Commissions and seeing things like Brownton Abbey and House of Krip has really inspired me to be more vocal about this part of my life, especially in my artwork.

It’s refreshing to be in an environment where inclusivity is instinctive and not an afterthought. 

I can’t wait to meet some of the artists I’ll be working with and begin my journey with Unlimited.