A picture of Marlo. He is young black indian man poses for a photo. His hand is cupped by his cheek and his arm is resting against his leg. His hair is in a shaggy curly mop, that is parted down the middle. He is wearing a olive green blazer and a black shirt.
One of our new trainees Marlo

Who’s who: Marlo – Unlimited Trainee 2021

As he starts his traineeship, Marlo introduces himself and tells us about his journey to Unlimited.

Hello, I am Marlo Savin. I am the new trainee based at Shape Arts. Even though I have only just joined, my few weeks have taught me so much. I want to explain how I got here and my background in the arts.

I have been an artist since I was about 14, when I joined the theatre company Sounds Like Chaos. Through being part of this amazing company I learnt to have confidence in myself and my abilities. This is where I learnt about the transforming power that art has in helping shape a person.

Working with Sounds Like Chaos was life-changing as I got to do so many amazing things, such as performing as part of the Chrysalis festival in Edinburgh or be in a show at Battersea Arts Centre that was reviewed in the Stage! The best part of doing this was getting to work with different artists and network with many young creatives and people like Jess Thom of Touretteshero’s.

It is from here I became aware of accessibility and what we can do to make art more accessible. I had some prior knowledge, but I did not know it was not always on the individual to try fit in but for organisations to make it fairer.

As a result of these experiences, I joined the Albany Young Creatives. I started learning what it was like to produce your own piece as a team and what it takes to create a show or event. Then, at university, I indulged in my interest in television and radio by joining Demon TV and Demon FM as a researcher and runner using what I learnt as a young creative.

But I always kept fighting for equality in the background. I was part of the leadership team for the university’s LGBTQ+ society and focused my history course on LGBTQ+ and Black rights movements.

Then I graduated and I wanted to use all I had learnt to find a job in the arts sector. Despite the pandemic, I found this opportunity as a trainee working and supporting disabled artists.

I hope my time here at Unlimited will open my eyes to new possibilities and I hope that I have the chance to open your eyes too.