Unlimited Project Manager Ellie sat next to Unlimited Trainee Alistair at a school-style desk taking notes.
Ellie, Unlimited Project Manager, aside Alistair, Unlimited Trainee.

Who’s who: Ellie – Unlimited Project Manager

Ellie is the newest member to the team and works full time on Unlimited at Artsadmin. With her own cross-disciplinary practice embedded in inclusive arts, she is excited for everything that lies ahead and aware that she has very big shoes to fill and not very big feet to fill them.

I am a northern soul with my feet now firmly rooted in the South, having worked for the past three and a half years as a Venue Manager and Inclusive Artist with the wonderful O N C A (a Brighton based arts organisation that bridge social and environmental justice issues). I now find myself starting a new chapter in London. During my time at O N C A  I was able to work with a wide variety of humans including artists, performers and those in academia.  I facilitated workshops with a range of people such as: adults with cancer with Macmillan, young people with SEN, homeless teenagers with the YMCA and those with hidden illnesses, to name just a few.

2020 is the year in which I begin my new journey as the Project Manager for Unlimited- based within the Artsadmin team. I couldn’t be more excited to begin my year with Unlimited, I hope to bring new energy, ideas, and enthusiasm to the team and maybe even a bad joke or two.

Since I started with Unlimited I’ve been thrown in the deep-end, meeting up with artists such as Kristina Veasey, Aby Watson and Noemi Lakmaier. I have met with partners including Wellcome Collection and Forma and begun working on projects as diverse as Unlimited Connects Events across Wales, our ‘Wanted: Access Everywhere’ events with Rural Arts, and Take Art, looking at arts, disability and rurality. And with our green docothon coming up at the end of the month, it’s fair to say it’s been busy!

The opportunity to work for Unlimited and be part of an organisation that has the opportunity to systematically change the arts for those who are disabled is an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. So, to Artsadmin and Unlimited, thanks for having me, let’s continue creating, performing, acting, laughing, speaking, miming, dancing, resting, just being, talking, signing and, generally, continue to make great art happen.