Artist Milton Lopes is sat down to the left of the image wearing cream trousers and a creamy top while Lulu Nunn sits opposite him mid conversation
Unlimited's Lulu Nunn giving PR and Marketing advice to artist Milton Lopes at Unlimited's 2017 Welcome Day. Image c. Rachel Cherry

Unlimited’s PR & Marketing Resource for Creatives

The Unlimited Marketing team have created an Artists’ PR and Marketing Resource for any creatives who may benefit from it!

In the arts, PR and Marketing connect artists and their work to audiences, which includes viewers, press, critics, buyers, and potential new collaborators, supporters, programmers, funders and partners. As such, they’re very important in helping them to get their work seen, build their professional identities, and develop relationships with other people in the creative sector. We hope this resource can offer some useful tools and guidance to really help those making creative work to get it out there and grow their presence.

If you’re an artist who’d appreciate some Marketing guidance, you can download a PDF of the Resource by clicking here; if you aren’t, but you know someone who may be interested, feel free to share it with them – we’d like to think many would find it useful.

Good luck!

P.S. If you are an Unlimited awarded artist, you will have had a slightly different PR and Marketing Resource emailed to you already (please get in touch with your Key Contact if you’ve misplaced it!)