Image of the panel from Unlimited Connects Midlands. The image shows a man signing and the panel face him as he speaks.

Unlimited wants board members

Unlimited has been a programme delivered via Shape Arts and Artsadmin since 2013 – and all this is set to change as it transitions into an independent organisation. As part of that transition, Unlimited is setting up a board, and is calling out for new board members to shape the future of the programme. Jo Verrent explains more…

 Are you committed to:

  • supporting disabled artists to thrive – working across all artforms including work that crosses artform boundaries
  • improving the cultural sector – and being part of long-term sustainable change
  • understanding and responding to change – being agile, flexible and responsive
  • diversity – we take an intersectional approach to diversity, and value lived experience.

If so, then you might be exactly what we need!

Jo Verrent, Senior Producer for Unlimited, explains more in the video below:

We are looking for approximately six people to join the board – and we want to be both supported and challenged so that we can do what we do in the best way possible as we move forward.

Please don’t think that you have to have been a board member or a trustee before. For whoever we select, we will provide a full induction and help you understand the role and responsibilities of being on a board and we will shape the way we hold meetings and run the board to meet the access requirements of its members.

Interested? All you have to do is email with one or more of the following:

  • A letter
  • Your CV
  • A video or audio message
  • A Powerpoint presentation
  • Or any other way you chose

There is no formal application process. You can include up to 5 A4 pages, 5 mins of audio or video or a 15 slide PowerPoint presentation. And the deadline is 5pm Wednesday 14 October 2020, so plenty of time to think about it too.

Full information in various formats below. Any questions, please email

Audio version (MP3):

Download this audio file:

UL board member callout audio

BSL video version:

Unlimited board application information, Large Print (word DOCX):

Large Print Unlimited Board Application information

Unlimited board application information, (word DOCX):

Unlimited Board Application Information

Unlimited board application information, (PDF):

Unlimited Board Application Information

Unlimited board opportunity, Easy Read version, (PDF):

Unlimited Board Opportunity Easy Read