We see the back of a person's head who is wearing a hat. They are facing a panel discussion which is in the blurry background but we can just about make out three people.
Be There at the Start, photo by Matthew Cawrey.

Unlimited: The Symposium – where can I watch the live-stream?

Take a look at public live-stream events and find out how to join in the conversation online wherever you are.

It’s not just about who is in the space during the event, but also about who tunes in to the live-stream, or watches the recorded sessions, and joins the conversation online.

If you’re an arts organisation who wants to host a live-stream for your local audiences, staff or invited guests then please do! There’s information on hosting your own live-stream on the Symposium section of our website.

We know of a number of public and private live-stream events, hosting their own discussions. So far we can confirm that public live-stream events will happen at:

For the Art, Attitude and Equality sessions on 4-5 September…
Northern Ballet, Leeds

For the Future session on 5 September…
Live Art Development Agency, London

For the Attitude and Future sessions on 5 September…
Hackney Showroom, London
Tramway, Glasgow

For all four sessions on 4-5 September…
Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton
Jumped Up Theatre, Peterborough
Libraries Unlimited, Exeter
The Pound Arts Centre, Wiltshire

We’ll update this list as more are confirmed.

If you’re close to any of these venues and would like to attend their live-streams head to their website and social media platforms for updates. The venue websites should have their access provision stated too.

Join in wherever you are

We’d like everyone, no matter where you’re tuning in, to share your responses using #unltdsymposium. Conversations, debate and responses using the hashtag will all be collated into feeds that will be published online for people to read and consult after the Symposium.

We’ll be monitoring Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the event, but feel free to have conversations and post responses on other platforms too (for example WeChat, Whatsapp etc). Responses can be in any form: a tweet-sized comment, an image, a drawing, a link to an article, a video, a blog… it’s up to you! And if you’d like to send something for inclusion after the event we’re also happy to accept responses via email (symposium@weareunlimited.org.uk) or via post:

Re: Unlimited: The Symposium
Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London E1 6AB

See you on 4 and 5 September!