A woman facing her art looking at the details of her work. She is wearing a t-shirt.
Unlimited Commission 'It was Paradise' by Rachel Gadsden

Unlimited: The Symposium – artistic interventions and other ways to play

We have some brilliant speakers lined up for Unlimited: The Symposium but we couldn’t have an event about disability-led arts without having some artists as part of the programme and as words aren’t the only way to respond, we want to provide plenty of different ways of communicating…

We have programmed 3 artistic interventions for the space – two on site and one remote:

Linda Bell is an Action Space artist – Linda creates complex, sometimes raw, often delicate, interactive art works which are playful and tactile. Linda is keen to collaborate whilst creating work and enjoys exploring the relationship between herself, her work and the viewer or collaborator, sharing the playing experience. She will be creating a work in one of the dressing rooms on the ground floor – and those attending the event at the Unicorn are invited to join in and co-create with Linda throughout the event. A perfect option if you need to take some time out to reconnect with the very reason for so much of what we do – creativity and human connection.

DJ works with Access all Areas and many other organisations, including the Unicorn Theatre where he is part of their Usher plus scheme). DJ is a mover – and will be encouraging people to move and groove their responses to the symposium themes in the foyers, landings and stairwells of the Unicorn to both connect us and shake off our tension. Why not create a micro-piece with DJ as a response to what you are experiencing at the event and film it in the video booth so we can share it online?

Rachel Gadsden, Ali Saied Ashour and Amna Hussein, who are working together as part of the Unlimited international collaboration It was Paradise which links the UK and Palestine will be creating a remote response – capturing their personal thoughts and feelings about the panel discussions as seen from their different cultural perspectives. They’ll be watching remotely from Southbank Centre and uploading their images to become part of the curated stream of responses that will be available from their website and hopefully encouraging others to do the same.

We’ll also have drawing materials onsite to enable others to draw their own responses and will be offering a video booth in another of the dressing rooms so attendees can record feedback, thoughts, share images and movements and generally respond during the event. Downstairs in the basement there will also be a chance to play our brand new #CardsForInclusion game which launches in the autumn. Aimed at finding creative solutions to remove access barriers, the game offers 15,625 varied arts based situations to find solutions to – a lot easier for some that others!

And of course, the Symposium nicely leads in (by no coincidence) into Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival, where there’ll be plenty of chance to catch many of the Unlimited awarded works. Visit the Southbank Centre website to book your tickets. Some events are nearly sold out already!