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Announcing the Unlimited Shortlists 2017

Unlimited recently called out for applications for both our Research and Development, and Emerging Artist awards. Jo Verrent, Senior Producer for the programme, tells us who made the lists…

This call-out received an incredible 200 applications – 94 from established artists for the Research and Development awards, and 106 for our awards for emerging artists (including artists who are established in one form but applying for an art form or role in which they are emerging).

26 panel members – 13 for each panel – assessed the short Expressions of Interest applications in order to determine who would be asked through to the next stage. Those on the list now have to complete a full application for the programme by February for decisions in March. We’d like to extend our congratulations to all who applied; it was incredibly tough this year, with less than 20% of applications being shortlisted. This means that there were many, many excellent projects which we were unable to put through, and we strongly encourage those to apply to Arts Council England, Arts Council Wales and other funders to support their pieces.

23 projects have been selected to form the Research and Development awards shortlist:

Emma Allen – “Grey Matters”
Rhiannon Armstrong – “The Slow GIF Movement”
Rebecca Atkinson – “At Home”
Rachel Bagshaw – “Giving Thanks”
Jamie Beddard / Diverse City – “Delicate”
Laurence Clark – “Cured”
Jack Dean – “Woad” (Working Title)
Kate Fox– “An Unearthly Woman”
Ben Fredericks – “The Dawn of the Designer Humans”
Jane Gauntlett – “Fool”
Jackie Hagan – “We Want To Make You Happy”
Kimberley Harvey / Subtle Kraft Co – “Happy Accidents”
Adrian Lee – “Metamorphosis”
Ailís Ní Ríain – “Leonora”
Kate Marsh and Welly O’Brien – “R and D period for Kate Marsh and Welly O’Brien”
Nicola Miles-Wildin / TwoCan Theatre Company – “Disability Sex Archive”
Aidan Moesby – “I was naked, smelling of rain”
Elaine Paton – “Talking to Me?”
Sarah Pickthall – “What Springs to Mind”
Bob Spriggs – “Large Array of Magnetic Pendulums”
Jess Thom / Touretteshero – “Language Generating Machine”
Paul Whittaker – “Two Wrongs”
Sophie Woolley – “Augmented”

16 projects have been selected for the Emerging Artist award shortlist:

Joel Brown and Eve Mutso – “111”
Nessa Haynes – “The Unheard”
Karina Jones – “Blind Drunk”
Phoebe Kemp – “MAY”
Vince Laws – “A Very Queer Nazi Faust”
Eve Leigh – “Scenes from the Future”
Maddie Smith – “Memories, materials and identity”
David Tovey – “Man on Bench Fairytale”
Christopher Pavia – “Shadows on the moon” (working title)
Felix Peckitt – “The Goldilocks Mixer”
Justin Piccirilli – “Door of Humility”
Neal Pike – “Tentacles”
Timothy Renkow – “Freaks”
Amy Rosa – “Gallanach”
Elinor Rowlands – “Survivor”
Naomi Westerman – “benefit”

So what next? Each of the projects on the shortlists gets an hour of a member of the Unlimited team’s time to ensure their application is as strong as it can be before being submitted in full. Whether their full applications are successful or not, all shortlisted artists will also join the Unlimited Cohort, and get access to various professional development opportunities throughout the year as appropriate.

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be providing more information on the projects themselves, the partners they have and the support they’d love as they move forward