A pink image where on the left it reads in white text: Unlimited Podcast: Making Art Accessible. Underneath is the Unlimited logo in white. On the right side, there is a graphic with a smartphone and a pair of headphones on the screen.
Unlimited Podcast: Making Art Accessible

The Unlimited Podcast: Making Art Accessible – Episode 1: Access on a budget

We are really excited to be launching a new podcast series, The Unlimited Podcast: Making Art Accessible, focusing on topics around making art accessible, including artists from the disability arts sector. 

This is the first of three episodes, it explores how access provision can grow with access to resources and with the partners an artist works with. 

This episode features conversations with dancer and writer Krystal Lowe, writer and performer Byron Vincent  and artist JoAnne Haines as well as insight from Laura Waller, Disability Inclusion Manager at Coventry City of Culture

This episode, along with all three in the series, is hosted by Mandy Colleran

The show is available to listen to on most major podcast platforms:

Google Podcasts

It is also available as a captioned video, as BSL interpreted version and as a written transcript:

Transcript (Word doc)

This podcast series is produced by and features sound design by Harry Murdoch

The next episode, which explores some of the limits of access, will be available in early February.