This is an image of a rainbow flag with a skull and cross bones on it
Natasha Sutton Williams, Lesbian Pirates!

Unlimited celebrates Pride Month

We’ve come a long way since the decriminalisation of sexual activity between men in England and Wales in 1967 and the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York City. But there’s still also a very long way to go before lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and all non-heterosexual or non-binary genders and sexualities are physically safe from harm, fully accepted, understood and fairly treated. To me, this visibility and liberation is what Pride is mainly about, although getting your drag or your fetish gear on and having a great time is (or can be, if you want it to be) also part of the LGBTQI+ experience. This selection of Unlimited commissions and projects demonstrates a bit of both. Some are by disabled queer artists, some question or play with mainstream notions of sex, gender or sexuality, some are just here to inspire your hot lockdown lewks and make you scream YASS… or a combination of all these. I hope you enjoy our parade.

Alegria Samba School

Dancers is colourful red and orange samba costumes of bird heads, monkey faces, feathers and snakes.
Photo by Tracy Curtis. Costumes designed by Jo Paul and Christine Wolverson.

Getting the party started with bird heads, snakes as accessories, and leopard miniskirts. I’d wear this for a trip to Lidl, what about you?

Glooptopia! by Oozing Gloop

The artist Oozing Gloop on stage, wearing a black robe, face painted green, wearing a large triangular hat, and pointing with a wand.
Photo by Kaleido Shoots.

Lean, green drag chaos magick machine Oozing Gloop can literally put a spell on you. First appearance of the exclamation mark, too. Stayed tuned for more suitably excitable punctuation.

Brownton Abbey

The cast of Brownton Abbey in their afro-futurist costumes, posing in front of a stained glass window.

A man dancing on stage in Brownton Abbey, wearing a costume made of black feathers.
Photo by Viktor Frankoski.

The members of this Afro-futurist space church are here to do things the Dowager Countess would raise an arch eyebrow at. Or might actually love, who knows?

Vince Laws

A man with his clenched fist in the air, standing in front of banners covered in stencilled words and phrases. Two giant human eyeballs float overhead.

Faust blasts off to meet the Pope in space (which I’m sure we’ve all done at some point haven’t we?) in Vince Laws’ A Very Queer Nazi Faust. This show is very queer but actually has no Nazis in it whatsoever, which is generally the best ratio of queer to Nazi isn’t it?

New Queers on the Block

A performer on stage with a microphone, kneeling on the floor and wearing a black dress and a blue wig against a purple and pink background.

A performer wear a gold jumpsuit and a tall headdress made of large, iridescent black-green feathers.

More fashion-forward tipz here: anyone can rock an anime girl wig, and wear your gold lamé and matching lipstick everywhere you go. Again, I’m not really a club type of girl but I see myself in the random aisle of Lidl wearing this.

Lesbian Pirates!

This is an image of a rainbow flag with a skull and cross bones on it
Image by Natasha Sutton Williams.

It’s a musical about Anne Bonny and Mary Read, a real eighteenth century pair who ran away to sea wearing men’s clothes to build piratical careers fighting and stealing along with the best/worst male pirates. And like all good musicals, it has an exclamation mark because- Mamma Mia! I’m on a trip to Oklahoma! with Oliver!- exclamation marks make musicals better. FACT.

The Unlimited House of Krip

Performer Ariel Fung on stage doing the splits, surrounded by a cheering audience.
Photo by Fotocad.

Had to end with this drop by Ariel Fung! …and another exclamation. 😉