Two people focussing on a magnifying glass looking at the table that is vibrating making the dust to create a picture
Hertz, Juliet Robson, Photo by Paul Blakemore

Tramway’s Unlimited Festival 2018

Tramway’s Unlimited Festival is back this autumn – from the 17 – 20 October! We are excited to see it all taking shape as Tramway announce their programmed work for the 2018 festival. Unlimited Programme Coordinator Isabella Tulloch takes a look.

As the Southbank’s Unlimited festival has now wrapped up we look forward to journeying up to Glasgow to see the fantastic mix of work on show across art forms – including many of our commissions as well as other work that also celebrate the talent and originality of disabled artists. Let’s take a look at who we’ve got so far…

Eve is balancing on Joe and his wheelchair. Her legs are apart and she is held up by Joe, who is beneath her, and using his wheelchair to support her. Joe is in his wheelchair, which is tipped on the floor and his arms are spread out to each side, supporting Eve's feet
Joel Brown and Eve Mutso, 111, 2017. Photo by Vik Singh Taak

On the Wednesday and Thursday, Tramway’s Unlimited Festival opens with Joel Brown and Eve Mutso’s 111 – a duet between a paraplegic modern dancer, Joel Brown (CandoCo and Axis Dance) and principal ballerina, Eve Mutso (formerly Scottish Ballet). It explores the idea of the body and physical structures – our skeletons, Joel’s wheelchair and the set (a large scaffolding cage), how they can interact and the oscillation of power, control and vulnerability between them.

Joel and Eve have collaborated in their research into movement and they share a mutual curiosity towards choreography and how apparatus affects physicality and virtuosity.

Wednesday 17th Oct – Thursday 18th Oct 2018 – 7.30pm – 8.30pm – Buy tickets here

One work to definitely pop into is the fantastic piece The Goldilocks Mixer, a co-created sonic installation by Felix Peckitt that challenges audiences and participants to think about how sound can welcome or isolate people in public spaces. The installation offers an immersive and challenging encounter with sound and society. You can drop in any time through the afternoon.

Thursday 18th Oct 2018 – 1.00pm – 4.00pm – No booking required.

The Work Room residency working on physical movement for Gallanach. A grey room. In the background, right hand side, blurred ballet barre. In the foreground, a female presenting figure, simple ancient Greek style black dress. Copper wire in front of figure, from top left corner to bottom right corner. More copper wires behind. Figure is facing left hand side of image, head tilted up slightly, body standing but bent forward, arms outstretched as in an offering. Hands holding a small black stoneware bowl filled with water. Light red hair in 1930s style.
Amy McLachlan, The WorkRoom, Tramway. July 2017. Photo by Brian Hartley

Another one to catch is Amy Rosa’s Gallanach. A live art durational piece by award winning artist Amy Rosa investigating Fibromyalgia, a disabling condition involving chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

The work creates a space where we can question and celebrate the difficult adaptations that have to be made; the visible and invisible barriers that can keep us from living in the present; and the power of female healers and wise women. For this durational performance, the artist is surrounded by an intricate geometric web of live copper wire, like a fly caught in the centre of a spider’s web. Carrying shallow bowls filled with water, she moves through the wires and inevitably is electrocuted. The audience shares the real time frustrations as the artist travels through the space with increasing difficulty, demonstrating the accumulative pressures of chronic fatigue and pain.

Thursday 18th Oct 2018 – 3.00pm – 7.00pm – Buy Tickets here

Across the festival Juliet Robson’s piece hertz gives a glimpse into our hidden universe, making inaudible sound tangible, real and visual.

Feel the imperceptible symphony of a city in real-time and immerse yourself in its deep resonance. Contemplate our connection to the heavens: listen to the secret songs of stars found in the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra. Use their harmonics to generate beautiful visual patterns in sand on vibrating plates.

hertz questions perceptions, encouraging curiosity in our planet and place in the cosmos through sensory experiences. An artwork by Juliet Robson in collaboration with academics from fields of astrophysics, meteorology and mathematics.

Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st Oct 2018 – This installation is open throughout the festival, during gallery hours.

On the Friday and Saturday we join Aby Watson’s -ish A new dance performance with various bodies of air: helium balloons, a space hopper and a human being. The balloons are old and deflating, the hopper is full and firm and the human is a dyspraxic, dyslexic dancing woman.

A performance of movement, object and speech, -ish explores the subjectivity of identity, disability and (in)visibility from the perspective of a dyspraxic choreographer who feels their invisible difference does not sit easily in the current, widely accepted notion of disability. It is a performance of real effort (and real chaos) which forms an unapologetic exploration of inbetween-ness that flourishes with, and thrives on, dys-function.

Friday 19th Oct – Saturday 20th Oct 2018 – 7.00pm – 8.00pm – Buy Tickets here

Tramway is a key partner of Unlimited in showcasing exceptional work by disabled artists. You can read more about Tramway and their wider programme here.