A black man posing in front of a wall which has a graffiti type drawing of an elephant. He is wearing a hat and sunglasses and has he's arms folded.
Nolan Stevens

Thoughts From Under Nolan’s Hat

Hello my name is Nolan, and I am the 2018 Unlimited International Placement. In my five days since arriving here in London from Johannesburg, South Africa, I have experienced a wealth of information through the many conversations, engagements, interactions and exchanges that I have been privileged to have been part of.

Whilst this is the first of two trips to London for Unlimited, it hasn’t seen me being overwhelmed with work just yet; I am under no illusions that the influx of work will most definitely arrive though! Having said that, this trip’s accustomisation period has introduced me to a world of disability-led creative expression which I am eager to incorporate into my own practices as an arts writer, curator and visual artist once I get back to South Africa.

Before such time, I look forward not only to the week to come, but also to the future interactions I will be a part of alongside the Unlimited team, which will see me meeting with interesting art institutions, as well as assisting with the preparation of Unlimited events and the September festival, and participating in a panel discussion… All of which I am sure could only have a positive effect on my artistic practice which, until now, has revolved mainly around the complexities of themes relating to Afro-urban identity. My meeting of both the Shape Arts as well as Artsadmin teams thus far have already inspired much creative food for thought for me; I can only imagine what kind of creative thinking I will have hidden under my hat by end of this collaborative journey.

That’s it from me for now. I’m off to find a bigger hat to keep these ideas and thoughts in check.