A digital illustration depicting a computer browser window surrounded by small speech bubbles with various emoticons and computer-related symbols in.
Illustration by INTO Doodles.

The White Pube investigates: the impact of using social media

Why do artists use social media? How important is social media to an artist’s career? And if artists want to use it to their advantage, what do they need to do?

In a report published today, Gabrielle de la Puente outlines the impact of social media on artists as a tool for work, networking, and creativity. The document also offers an in-depth guide to different platforms with tips, examples, interviews, and advice on safety and mental well-being online. The report was commissioned by Unlimited.

It can be useful for artists to know how best to use social media in order to further their career. But it is also important for arts organisations to understand its value so that they know how to use social media well in order to support the artists they work with. The second half of this report looks into the many ways organisations can do this. It does so by assessing a recent project called Stigma which was delivered online across Unlimited’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. The report aims to inform Unlimited’s approach to social media going forward, whilst it also helps educate other organisations working with artists online.

Gabrielle de la Puente co-runs The White Pube, where she publishes criticism on video games and art. The report features illustrations by INTO Doodles.

You can find the full report below as a PDF and as a Word document. Over the coming weeks, different sections of the report will be shared in smaller blog posts with audio recordings on Unlimited’s website.

Following feedback on this report, we will be making some amendments. The document is temporarily unavailable to download. We hope to make it available again with some revisions as soon as possible.