Hosting your own live-stream event

We are asking organisations across the UK and internationally to host a live stream of Unlimited: The Symposium. We want this to be the biggest ever discussion on disability-led arts – we know there are many different perspectives and opinions – and the discussion needs to include all of these.

If your organisation shares our mission to embed work by disabled artists in the cultural sector then this is the key moment where action towards this mission is stimulated and provoked – a catalyst for real change.

We are asking organisations to host a live-stream of the Symposium, creating your own space to debate, learn from each other and set yourselves tangible actions to make change.


When is Unlimited: The Symposium?
4-5 September 2018, 10am – 5pm with breaks. The live-streams will be as follows:

  • Session 1 (ART) will be live on 4 September, 11.00 – 12.00
  • Session 2 (EQUALITY) will be live on 4 September, 14.20 – 15.20
  • Session 3 (ATTITUDE) will be live on 5 September, 10.45 – 11.45
  • Session 4 (FUTURE) will be live on 5 September, 14.00 – 15.00


What would we like you to do?
Host a live-stream satellite group on either or both days of the Symposium, or for a particular session.


Who should you invite?
That’s up to you, but we think the audience most suited are national and international cultural professionals, disabled artists and disability-led artist companies and independent producers.


What do you need in order to host a group?

  • Stable internet connection You can access the HD feed if your download speed is a minimum of 2-3 Mbs. The ideal download speed for viewing the live feed for a public screening viewing is a minimum of 5Mbs. You can check your internet by visiting the Speed Test website.
  • An accessible meeting room or space for people to sit
  • A screen or projector (large enough that people can see)


If you can host a group, what do you do next?
This is your event so promote it however you see fit. We just need some basic information which you can let us know by filling in this Google form.

Want to be an Unlimited Ally?

We want meaningful relationships with venues and organisations UK-wide, which are personal and tailored to what we can both offer each other.