A collage of all of the images of artwork from this blog
Left to right: Tina's art work, Kristina's art work, Liz's artwork. Images courtesy of the team.

Staff Art Blog: Part II

In the first instalment of this blog, we showcased the purchases that some of the Unlimited staff had made using their staff art fund budget. This month, we take a look at what the rest of the team did with their £100.

Abby Hoffman

One of the first things I ‘had’ to do when I started work back in April just after the Covid-19 crisis started, was to buy some art! What a brilliant introduction to the work of the artists that are part of the Unlimited family. The staff art fund means we can support artists and brighten up our working environments at the same time.

My purchase is by artist Kristina Veasey from her exhibition ‘My Dirty Little Secret’ I bought these two colorful velvet canvases.  Both patterns are made from repeating and mirroring images of household clutter and mess. One is a photograph of a pile of old shoes, and the other one is a photo of an overflowing laundry basket. I love the way the patterns draw the eye in so close, and how soft and strokable the canvass is.

Two canvases hanging from a wall. Each is covered in a kaleidoscopic pattern.
Work from Kristina Veasey hanging on Abby’s wall. Image courtesy of Abby.

Alistair Gentry

Ink and water colour by Liz Atkin. I chose this because it spoke to me in that mysterious way that images sometimes do… sometimes you just like a work of art! I can’t explain it more than that except to say that I interviewed the artist a few years ago and I really admired her work– specifically the way she channels the barriers she faces into that work and her artistic practice in an incredibly positive way.

An abstract drawing with watercolour washes in shades of grey, dark. blue, and green.
Ink and watercolour by Liz Atkin. Photo by the artist.

Ellie Liddell-Crewe

I chose a piece by the incredible artist Tina Jenner. Tina is an artist with the Brighton based ‘Rocket Artists’ who I once worked alongside several years ago. Her work is dynamic and expressive and the piece I chose feels like you can look at it again and
again yet see something different in the image each time. If Tina Jenner or the Rocket Artists ever have a show on and you can get there I would really recommend going to see their work, it’s always interestingly curated too.

Framed painting. Black background with abstract brightly coloured text across it.
Tina Jenner’s framed work. Image courtesy of Ellie Liddle-Crewe.

Isabella Tulloch Gallego

Jack Haslam
I had followed his work for years as an artist that had been in the Shape Open many times. I just love his playful illustrations of animals, and am proud to now own this beautiful Owl etching.

Isabella smiles as she holds the work from Jack. The work is on a large sheet of paper and depicts a line drawing of an owl.
Isabella happy to receive her work from Jack! Image courtesy of Isabella Tulloch Gallego.