A collage of the photos from inside the blog showing the artworks bought by the Unlimited team.
Just some of the artworks our team have bought. Left to right: Kim Noble, Ellie Harman-Talyor, Mohammad Barrangi.

Staff Art Blog: Part I

The Unlimited staff art fund was established to support disabled artists. Harry catches us up on how the fund has been spent so far…

Back in March, which I’m assured really was only a couple of months ago, we found ourselves in a rapidly changing, and ever more uncertain world. Disabled artists were, and still are, particularly affected. At Unlimited we spent some time thinking about what we could do. Among our responses (see our micro-commissions blog), the staff art fund was born. 

Each member of the Unlimited team was given a budget of up to £100 to buy work by a disabled artist. This is both a way of supporting disabled artists as well as a way of bringing artwork by disabled artists into our homes at a time when we’ll be home-working for the foreseeable future.  Actually choosing work to buy proved a tricky task. While we’re spoiled for choice in terms of disabled artists we love, not all of them make physical work that can be sold and displayed in the home, and fewer still make work they can access and have delivered in this climate. With that in mind, here’s what we’ve managed to get hold of so far, while some purchases remain in process as we, and artists, navigate the new normal.

Jo Verrent

Kim Noble – Descent of Mankind or Escalator

A framed sketch hangs on a blue wall. The image is in greyscale, showing only one small figure in the bottom left.
Kim Noble’s artwork hanging on Jo’s wall.

Elinor Hayes

Ellie Harman-Taylor – Blue Skies

Elinor stands underneath the woven clouds hanging from her wall. Other art sits besides it on a shelf. The clouds are shades of blue and white.
Eli enjoying her new addition.

Katie Haines

Sop – Sleep + Dream Spray and Aidan Moesby – Hopeful Mug

A small spray bottle labelled 'Sleep + Dream' in Katie's hand.
Sop’s Sleep and Dream Spray.
On the mug is a sign resembling a chemical element with the letters 'Ho.' Underneath the large font is smaller text which reads 'Hopeful.'
Aidan’s ‘Hopeful’ mug.

Harry Murdoch

Mohammad BarrangiPrint (with hand-painted packaging!)

A small print from the artist rests upon a larger piece of hand-made wrapping paper showing a delivery van. The print is of a tree.
Mohammad’s print.