A dark room with a person lying on a bank with headphones on which is lit by a spotlight. Behind them in a see-through structure with wooden beams which is back-lit with lamps.
Raquel Meseguer's 'A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (the subversive act of horizontality)'. Photo by Matthew Cawrey.

Research and Development with Unlimited

Unlimited understands the importance of Research and Development (R&D) for artists.

R&D is an opportunity for artists to test out, experiment and explore new ideas and methods of working, to help develop their projects further. Since 2014, Unlimited has funded 32 R&D awards, providing artists with the essential time and space for trial and error and audience feedback.

Unlimited recently partnered with Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester to host a day dedicated to R&D; with the culmination of some of Unlimited’s R&D projects awarded in 2017, we also presented some of these works by Unlimited artists including Richard ButchinsAnna Berry, Raquel MeseguerJuliet Robson and Rinkoo Barpaga.

We spoke with some of these artists to get an insight into their artistic processes at various stages of development, and find out more about their experiences of R&D in our latest films:


What does R&D mean to you? Interview with artist Rinkoo Barpaga (subtitled)

Watch the audio-described version


What does R&D mean to you? Interview with Unlimited awarded artists (subtitled)

Watch the audio-described version