An image an some brightly coloured marketing materials at the AMA conference, including a blue, black and white bag. A pink Unlimited leaflet is in the centre. It reads 'Top Tip #4 Keep It Simple'

A guide to accessible marketing

[19 November 2020: This guide has now been updated, read the latest version here]

Jennifer Tomkins, Head of Marketing and Development at Artsadmin, reports from AMA…

This afternoon Jo Verrent and I are talking at the Arts Marketing Association annual conference in Edinburgh. The theme this year is On a Mission to Matter. It’s broad ranging with keynotes, presentations and workshops around participation, relevancy, data, donors and trend-watching.

What Jo and I are here to talk about is making your communications matter. It’s about empowering delegates – junior, senior and everyone in between – to be able to instigate positive changes within their organisation. And that’s not just thinking about access but about good marketing practice generally. We’re talking from our own experience (and the mistakes we’ve made along the way) and want everyone to leave with at least one thing they can implement when they’re back in the office on Monday.

In addition to this talk we’ve created a resource for arts marketers: An Accessible Marketing Guide, which can be downloaded from the AMA’s Culture Hive. It’s available to everyone, not just conference delegates.

So when you next start to plan your marketing communications, have this guide to hand and build in accessibility from the get-go. Even small changes will open up your events, exhibitions and performances to more, and more diverse groups, people – and that’s what we all want.