A performer with their arms in the air, with brightly lit threads above them.
Nwando Ebizie Distorted Constellations by Sarah Hickson

Nwando Ebizie’s Ecological Manifesto

Back in June, artist Nwando Ebizie enlightened us all with her blog on neurodivergent-led biophilic design. Since then, Nwando has been developing a manifesto to show how an approach to ecological collapse that recognises the potential of neurodivergent and indigenous contributions might just be the thing to save us.

Nwando has designed her manifesto by recreating her own thought processes, culminating in the diagram below. If you would rather read a plain text version of Nwando’s work, this can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

A plain text version of Nwando’s manifesto can be downloaded here.