An event space lit with pink/purple tones. In the foreground, to the right of the picture sits Unlimited Trainee, James. Out of focus, behind him someone sits on a high stool in the centre of the image, and appears to be giving a talk. Beyond them and to the left of the picture, another audience member is sat looking up at the speaker.
Photo by Grace Ng-Ralph / Royal Exchange Theatre

My Traineeship with Unlimited – James Greenhalgh 

Our latest film catches up with our 2018 to 2019 Unlimited Trainee James Greenhalgh. James tells us about his year with Unlimited, what he’s learnt and his personal highlights during the traineeship. 

You can find out more about James, his experiences at IETM / Festival del Silenzio in Milan with Unlimited, and his thoughts about applying for the Unlimited traineeship on our site. 

Unlimited currently runs two traineeships a year, and recruitment is now open for the next trainee based at Artsadmin. 

Unlimited’s Traineeship based at Shape Arts is funded by Spirit of 2012.