Laura Dajao dancing in a spotlight in a wheelchair
Laura Dajao. Photo by CLO Photography

Micro success: announcing the May Micro Awards

Last week our first mini selection panel met and after a day of discussions, made some tough decisions. We are proud to announce that we have awarded grants of £1000 each to 20 artists to support their practice at this difficult time.  Abby Hoffmann tells us more…

It was a difficult task, with over 50 applicants and a high standard of ideas and proposals but the panel (all disabled people) – chair David Dixon from CAS, Unlimited team members Jo Verrent and Mojere Ajayi-Egunjobi, plus independents Kim Simpson and Linda Rocco – eventually came to their decisions.

The artists we’ve selected for the first round are:

  • Ben Fredericks – to explore access and inclusion in Interactive Theatre, including VR and other formats.
  • Byron Vincent – to buy equipment and to further develop the podcast series Bangers and Mash
  • Cameron Morgan – to purchase art materials and engage mentoring support to enable him to keep focused and productive
  • Chas De Swiet – to develop a live streamed event set in a wood – a collaboration with three other artists
  • Ellen Renton – to create a pair of poetry films, based on the Greek mythology of Tirésias and Athene
  • Gobscure – To create a series of experimental self portraits using mixed media
  • Jack Dean – Research and development into Road Trip an online participatory experience
  • John R Wilkinson – to create a photo essay exploring disability in rural quarantine
  • Jo Bannon – to create a ‘slideshow lecture performance’ sharing artistic practice
  • Kate Fox – to create a series of poems and photographs with photographer Colin Potsig
  • Dyspla (Kazimir Bielecki) – to produce a 360 VR moving image work exploring touch from the perspective of a neurodivergent family
  • Laura Dajao – to produce an inclusive online work that incorporates original poetry, music, dance and embedded access celebrating women inclusively
  • Matilda Ibini – to research into the potential of graphic novels in the horror/thriller genre
  • Owen Lowery – to create a series of poems inspired by and examining a near fatal traffic collision
  • Raquel Meseguer – to undertake a piece of creative documentation around her previous work, research and residencies
  • Richard Butchins – to produce a podcast about social isolation and neurodiversity with DAO, inspired by his original Unlimited R&D 213 Things About Me
  • Romily Alice Walden – to undertake a series of interviews to create an online and offline publication focusing on artists who occupy multiple positions of marginality
  • StammerMouth – to continue creative development of his Unlimited R&D It Hz and to explore novel ideas of devising and performing
  • Tom Wentworth – to create a cycle of linked monologues which all relate to, or stem from, the act of falling
  • Vince Laws – to further develop visual art/comic work from his Unlimited supported participatory performance A Very Queer Nazi Faust

As we said in the previous blog there are still two more rounds of micro award funding. We are looking for applications that are:

  • Disability-led
  • Show quality, innovation and ambition
  • Link to the development of artistic practice or research or the purchase of equipment/materials to enable artists to do their work.

Who can apply? 

The scheme is currently only open to artists connected to Unlimited – either through being awarded funds, having been shortlisted, been awarded travel bursaries or other reasons. If you feel you are part of the Alumni and haven’t received an email, please email and tell us why – it may be we have lost contact with you or don’t have your details due to GDPR restrictions.

Why is it only open to Unlimited Alumni? 

Because we have limited funds – so far we have managed to create a budget of £50,000 which will support 50 awards of £1000. We have approximately 250 artists in the Unlimited alumni. We are looking for additional funds that may allow us to open this up more widely in the future. The forthcoming open Unlimited awards round will be open to all disabled artists based in the relevant UK countries supporting the programme.

The deadlines for the next rounds are:

1 June, 5pm

6 July, 5pm

So, if you are an Unlimited Alumni and have an idea or project that you’d like to develop or if this money would help you to continue or extend your practice, make a note of the deadlines and send in your application.  Please email if you need access support in order to be able to do this or have any questions.