A decorative image, featuring a single woman on a stage, lifting her prosthetic leg.
Jackie Hagan Unlimited Connects at Watershed. Photo by Jon Aitken

Looking Ahead: Unlimited Connects Autumn Season

Over here at Unlimited we’ve been having a ‘quiet summer’, a chance for the team to re-charge their batteries, but as September creeps closer we are about to kick off Autumn with a bang! We have three new Unlimited Connects events coming up, Isabella Tulloch Gallego, Programme Manager, takes us through these.

Our Unlimited Connects events, which we have been holding since 2019, have been a chance for us to engage in current topics and discussions that are important to our artists and our ally organisations. The discussions and presentations in these events have gone on to start exciting cultural conversations and partnerships, and we have found that these conversations have further fed into our work around changing perceptions of disabled artists.  With this in mind we are so excited to have three further events coming up this Autumn for you to sink your teeth into!

Unlimited Connects South East

We launch the next season of Connects event with Connects South East, taking place on Wednesday 29 September 2021, from 10:30am – 12:30pm, on Zoom.

The theme of this event is ‘Rethinking the picture: a conversation around disrupting and dismantling current frameworks’. The panel will discuss how existing systems and frameworks in both the arts and society don’t work for everyone, from arts funding to artist-led networks etc. Asking do we need to take to pieces the current systems and re-build?

Chaired by David Tovey, (Creative Producer at Arts & Homelessness International, and Unlimited Board Member) with panellists; Dolly Sen (writer and Unlimited Artist), Tobi Adebajo (Anti-Disciplinary artist), Xavier De Sous (Marlborough Productions, Migrants in Culture) and Charlene Salter (Artist and Access All Areas’ alumni).

Followed by an audience forum led by Pudding to continue this discussion, during which attendees can mull over the points that they’d most like to take home.

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Unlimited Connects North – Tuesday 26th October 2021, from 14:00pm – 17:30pm, on Zoom

The theme of this event is  ‘Climate Justice and the use of art as a tool for changes’ – The panel will discuss about how artists are using art as a tool for highlighting the Climate Emergency and how we continue to effect change together. What questions need to be posed by the creative and cultural sectors to keep audiences engaged in Climate Change?
Chaired by Nickie Miles-Wildin (DaDaFest Artistic Director & CEOGraeae Associate Director) with panellists; Emma Beverley (Leeds 2023SAIL), Cheryl Beer (Unlimited commissioned Artist), and Hassun El-Zafar (Unlimited & Art House commissioned Artist).

Followed by our ‘Pitch and Mix’ format, with audience a Q&A, with artists Gina Biggs and Mind the Gap presenting their current Unlimited Commissioned. More artists to be confirmed.

More details to be announced soon

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Unlimited Connects Scotland – Wednesday 10th November 2021, from 10:30am – 12:30pm on Zoom

The last of these events will be Connects Scotland, taking place on Wednesday 10 November 2021, from 10am – 2pm, on Zoom.

At this event, Scotland-based Unlimited commissioned artists Emily Beaney, Clara Weale, Lilith Cooper and Ellen Renton will be presenting their work via our ‘Pitch and Mix’ format, followed by a Q&A, where attendees can ask further questions about the work in progress.

The second part of the event will feature a fun and interactive, whistle-stop ‘zine-making workshop’ by Fife-based artist Lilith Cooper.

Finally, for the event’s panel discussion, we’d like to enable the industry and Scotland-based artists to take a closer look at, and consider the value of, community-led arts groups and networks. Our theme for this discussion is – ‘Community focus: Scotland. How do we generate and sustain our local communities? Perspectives from Scottish artists and organisers. Scotland has seen several specific groups burgeon on the arts scene in recent years and we speak to some disabled artists who have taken the initiative – Aby Watson, Samar Ziadat, Sasha Saben Callaghan and Raman Mundair.

This will be again, followed by an audience forum led by Pudding to continue these discussions, during which attendees can keep digesting the event, and the actions and experiences that they’d most like to take home.

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Throughout these three events we are thrilled to be partnering with Pudding.  Pudding is a post-event forum for audiences to digest what they’ve seen or heard on stage or at an event. Working to further connect organisations with their community, they ensure no one goes home without more to think about – full bellies and minds all round.  They will be joining us for these three events and helping to widen the impact of these discussions.