black and white pencil sketch of a house by artist katy rose bennet

Introducing disabled musician Katy Rose Bennett

We have partnered with the English Folk Expo Artist Mentorship programme and after a competitive application process, we chose to support Katy Rose Bennett through a yearlong process designed to support emerging artists from the English folk, roots and acoustic music genre in their professional development with a specific focus on export readiness. Over 12 months, selected artists will plan and develop their careers, perform in new markets, seek funding, expand their professional network and prepare for international showcases. Here is Katy introducing herself and her new album, in her own words. 

 Tomorrow, on 18 OctoberI will be releasing my fifth album The Meantime  

Tomorrow also marks the beginning of my place on the English Folk Expo Artist Mentorship programme. The programme will see me and four other ace folk musicians receive support, expert advice and performance opportunities over the course of a whole year culminating in music sets at Cambridge Folk Festival and English Folk Expo 2020 

I cannot wait! This support has come at exactly the right time for me. 

So, why ithis album called The Meantime? The nine songs were all written when my life was in a state of flux and the title reflects the idea of that time between two points – the time between what was and what will be. The songs are about separation and loss; trying to be a parent, taking hold of one’s life and being brave. A friend recently jokingly described it as my ‘therapy’ album. He’s kind of right but I’ve never been shy of being emotionally open and direct in my song writing.  

I suppose the difference between this album and my previous albums is that I have nothing to hide behind musically, all the songs are solo, one voice and either guitar or piano with no overdubs. It was a deliberate decision to record like this – I want the listener to feel like I am performing directly to them. 

Did you see? is one of the lead songs on the album and I created the video below for the song early one morning in August 

The album’s cover is a sketch I drew of the beautifulbut very cold, park lodge house I lived in during the time of writing and recording this album. I don’t live there any more but it’s a place that will always be special to me and I wanted to capture it. 

Tomorrow at the English Folk Expo I am looking forward to meeting all the other mentees joining me on the programme and getting stuck in to thinking about the next stage of my musical career. I will be meeting my mentorStuart Ongley, who will be working with me over the next 12 months. I know I have good ideas however, I am very easily distracted by sparkly things! So, the thing I’m really hoping for is some strategic, long-term planning support and just general advice on how to make a more sustainable career out of this wondrous thing called music.  

I am really delighted that Unlimited are supporting me to take part in this programme – I have a disability which affects my mobility and mental health. 

Katy Rose Bennett’s new album The Meantime is released on 18 October, licensed through Transition Records and distributed by Proper. It’ll be available through the usual online platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.), as well as physically through your local record shop or via Katy’s website.