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Touretteshero Presents: Idea Amplifier

“Running Away from the Circus”

This April, eight young creatives with Tourettes Syndrome from across the country came together for Idea Amplifier, a weekend workshop at the Camden Roundhouse in London.

Working with four facilitators from Touretteshero they had a mighty task ahead of them – to devise, script and shoot a short film on a subject of their choice. The result is Running Away from the Circus. This short piece merges live action drama, animation, and documentary style interviews to explore their thoughts and feelings about living with Tourettes. The results are frank, moving, and ultimately uplifting.

“ ‘Running Away from the Circus’ is a play on words from the typical saying, ‘Running away with the circus’ to symbolise our desire to escape. As soon as I turn on the TV I’m bombarded by misinterpreted information about Tourettes, creating a very warped perception of the condition… We’re all tired of being someone’s source of entertainment, and feel that this is something that needs to be addressed.”

Star Vince, Idea Amplifier participant

The title reflects the group’s rejection of the media circus surrounding Tourettes and the lazy stereotypes that they often perpetuate, so it’s fitting that they choose July 4th – Independence Day – to launch this important film.

“At the start of our collaboration we didn’t know whether or not the film we’d make would relate directly to Tourettes. But in our discussions it soon became clear that the group had a lot of shared experiences and frustrations relating to life with tics and we agreed that the opportunity to express what we all thought about it was too good to miss.” Jess Thom, Touretteshero

Idea Amplifier was made possible by support and funding from Spirit of 2012, Unlimited and Roundhouse.