A child in a white top holding a doll in her left hand walks beside a woman wearing a silver and gold snail costume
Caroline Bowditch as Snigel. Photo c. Ruth Armstrong

Getting to know Snigel

The Adventures of Snigel’, by Caroline Bowditch, is a co-commission between Unlimited Impact and Northern Festival Network with funding from Spirit of 2012.

With festival season blooming, we thought we would take some time to speak to Snigel as they prepare for their next adventure. Becky Dann, Unlimited Trainee, caught up with our favourite intrepid snail to ask those questions you always wanted to ask a gastropod but never had the chance….

Becky Dann: You recently invited people into your cosy home where your insect friends came to visit, what will we see this time around?

Snigel: This time you’ll see me out for an adventure and searching for bubbles – my most favourite things!!!

What do snails like to eat for breakfast?

Lettuce. Snails LOVE lettuce!!

We heard that you like bubbles! What is it that you like about them?

They’re so colourful and floaty and delicate and you never know quite when they’re going to pop – it’s like there’s always a surprise waiting.

What’s the best thing about being a snail?

Taking everything in because I’m moving at such a slow pace.

When you’re inside your shell, what kind of music do you like listening to?

Lots of different things. I especially like funky dance music.

Where will you be going on your adventures over the summer? Where can we expect to see you and when?

I’ll be at Kendal Calling 27 – 29 July, Just So Festival 18 – 20 August and Ramsbottom Festival 16 – 17 September and I can’t wait!!!

Thanks Snigel!