image of a girl in a trapeeze hoop
image credit Rachel Cherry

Diverse City: Touched

With support from Unlimited Impact, Diverse City’s Young Performance Company Remix Gold have been developing a new circus show ‘Touched’, which premieres at Southbank Centre on Friday 5th September as part of the Unlimited Festival.

Six young disabled performers have been developing new aerial skills for an ambitious, surprising and heart warming performance on the importance of human touch in a mechanised and digital age.

‘A touch of a stranger that saves someone from the brink. A touch on the shoulder when you feel scared. A sudden touch that makes you blush… Fingertips are for so much more than swiping a screen.’

Claire Hodgson, Chief Executive of Diverse City commented on this opportunity;

“I am delighted that Unlimited Impact now exists to support us and take these young people to the next level in their careers”