An image of a white woman aged 38 dressed in black leggings and a black vest top lays on her side on top of some deep brown and orange coloured rocks there is a small pool of gathered seawater in the rock. Text is overlaid on the image which reads: Creative documentation By SheWolf Unlimited Connects Wales – Into the Future
Creative Documentation by SheWolf

Creative Response to Unlimited Connects Wales

We asked Gina Biggs to take part in and creatively respond to the last Unlimited Connects Wales event in the series – Into the Future (in Welsh here), funded by Arts Council Wales and the National Lottery. Here is Gina’s biog and her beautiful and thought-provoking creative response…

Gina defines as a queer and disabled researcher, performer and theatre maker based in Penarth (Wales) who manages a chronic pain condition that also presents mental health challenges. She makes site-responsive work through her company SheWolf which explores the interconnections between landscape, body, and voice. This work aims to bring the hidden narratives of landscape alive in the imagination of the public. Her landscape-informed practice emerges directly out of the self-care she needs to manage her condition in that cultivating a connection to nature is consistently evidenced to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

There are four video versions of her creative response:

  • one in English without voice over
  • one in Welsh without captions
  • one in English with captions and a voice over/ reading the text on the screen
  • one in Welsh and with captions.

Plus, click here for a written script that includes a description of all the images.

So settle back, breathe in deeply, and transport yourself to the Welsh coast to reconnect yourself with yourself, the event and the future of the arts in Wales.

English with captions and voice over

English without voice over

Welsh version

Welsh with captions