Two people in pink jumpers. The older brother is hugging the younger one. They are against a yellow background.
Vijay and his brother Jayden. Image by Holly Revell

Vijay Patel – Brotherly, Otherly, Disorderly (B.O.D)

Brotherly, Otherly, Disorderly (B.O.D) is a new performance work by Vijay Patel, which centres the expertise and lived experiences of two neurodivergent brothers, whilst exploring care, access, and allyship in navigating a neurotypical world.

B.O.D creatively builds on Vijay’s neurodivergent advocacy as part of the Freelance Task Force, and his recent work supporting access for neurodivergent people. Performing with his younger brother Jayden, a non-performer and 12-year-old who also has Autism/Asperger’s syndrome, B.O.D embeds access and care into the development of new creative work.


3 September 2021
R&D Sharing at Queen Mary's University