Close up of a man and a woman both wearing white t-shirts and virtual reality sets and headphones on their face and heads. They are sat close to each other and turn to face each other with intent.
Photo by Tessa Ratuszynska/Jane Gauntlett

Jane Gauntlett – TrueLove

TrueLove is a dark comedy/documentary about personal data and future technology, combining interactive theatre and augmented reality (AR Headsets). It explores the impact that shared data and technology might have on our future encounters.

TrueLove draws inspiration from:

  • Dating Websites*
  • Anti-Ageing Creams**
  • Medical Trials***
  • Scientific Research****

Jane Gauntlett designs interactive experiences (theatre, audio, game, 360 film, virtual reality and artificial intelligence). She plans to work with researchers, developers and performers to make a prototype for an AR headset. The prototype will be developed into a scratch performance for audience feedback.

*Exposure. The data we reveal.
** Deception. Online fraud.
*** Exploitation. Cancelled for ethical reasons.
**** Impact. Future technology.


10-11 November 2018
11 June 2018


Tessa Ratuszynska