A close-up of Owen who is looking out to sea and there is a reflection of the sea with sailboats in his aviator sun glasses
Photo by Jane Lowery

Owen Lowery – Transitions

A series of poems dealing with the subject of transitions and transformations, which Owen Lowery presents in a series of readings, supported by film and music, plus theatrical interpretation. 

The show is an immersive and immediate experience for audiences aiming to include those who may have little or no previous experience of poetry, and disability, as well as those who are affected by these topics. 

Transitions is explored from a personal, and a more objective and philosophical viewpoint. The subject of the collection is of great personal relevance to Owen as since, at the age of 18, he suffered a spinal injury in 1987 and became paralysed from the shoulders down and dependent on a ventilator to breathe. As well as considering his own transition from able-bodied sports star, to disabled poet, he looks at the subject of transitions in the natural world, by considering climate change, metamorphosis, and evolution, and in human terms, by looking at areas such as migration, disability, and social change.


11 May 2019
Delapre Abbey, Northampton
3 May 2019
The Mill on the Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway
30 April 2019
Aye Write! Book Festival, Glasgow
27 April 2019
12 November 2018
Royal Exchange, Manchester
13 October 2018
Durham Book Festival, Durham
30 September
1 July 2018
RS Thomas Literary Festival, Bangor Cathedral, Wales
29 June 2018
Met Theatre, Bury
16 June 2018
26 May 2018
Disability Writes Back, Norfolk and Norwich Festival


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