A pair of feet wearing socks, sticking out from under a duvet with pictures of elephants on it.

Toni-Dee Paul – Doze

Rest as Resistance. Rest is Resistance.

Join Toni-Dee in a push back against ableism, turning the weary body from an engine for capitalism into a site for rest and repose.

Doze is a one-to-one installation for folks who are overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded. By disrupting the busiest of public spaces and inviting audiences to enter into a dreamscape with her, Toni-Dee will make visible and reclaim as beautiful our responses to that which is painful and exhausting. Doze offers the opportunity to hold our bodies as a site of healing.

Toni-Dee is a performance maker and theatre writer exploring identity politics, memory and culture. She is an associate artist and access assistant for Selina Thompson Ltd.

This project will be made in collaboration with “imaginative rest experts” including Suriya Aisha, Demi Nandhra, a local group of elders, Toni-Dee’s nephew (who has ADHD and autism) and Toni-Dee’s sister.