Four Brownton Abbey artists facing the camera standing in a church with a stained glass window in the background. They are wearing colourful costumes, make-up, hats and jewellery.

Tarik Elmoutawakil – Brownton Abbey – 1

Brownton Abbey is a curatorial investigation of Afro-futurism explored through the intersectional perspectives of disabled, queer, people of colour. Through a series of workshops and final performance party, as part of Brighton Festival, accepted power structures will be subverted. This temporary, Afro-futurist Church, is an experiential habitat, comprising (but not limited to) performance art, live art, dance party, music, workshops, installations and conversation where Queer People of Colour, disabled People of Colour, trans disabled people, and others whose identity is formed from intersections of multiple marginalised minority groups, exist as Alien Gods, spiritual deities, centred, exalted and leading the narrative.

Co-curated by Brighton Festival and the Marlborough’s Tarik Elmoutawakil
Co-produced with The Marlborough Theatre
Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Unlimited


25 May 2019
Take Me Somewhere Festival, The Art School
24-26 January 2019
8 September 2018
Unlimited Festival , Southbank, London