One of BA's 'dancefloor hosts' ie members of the qtipoc community who populate the venue ensuring qtipoc magic happens in every corner. The are standing with hand on hip, a balloon in the other hand. They have a headpiece made of tassels that cover the eyes, and are facing the camera smiling. In the background are people dancing in a club, the lighting is shades of blue green and pink
Sea Sharpe as part of Brownton Abbey by Tarik Elmoutawakil. Photo by Victor Frankowski

Tarik Elmoutawakil – Brownton Abbey

Celestial beings from queer dimensions transform historic UK venues into kaleidoscopic off-world temples, as Brownton Abbey, the Afro-Futurist performance party with a Space Church theme, goes on a UK tour.

Created by and centring queer people of colour, especially disabled people (who could be seen to have super powers), Brownton Abbey features an ever growing collective of UK and international artists.

The genre-defying event fuses a hyped party, performance and live art, and the personal and political, as a catalyst to celebrate intersectional identities.

Take up space, get drenched in contemporary ritual, and get transcendental on the dance floor.

Brownton Abbey recontextualises ideas of access and inclusivity through an intersectional lense. Utilising the transformational and limitless genre of Afro-Futurism, Brownton Abbey creates space that incorporates healing, empowerment, performance, play, and community. The context allows audience members to experience art in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Brownton Abbey seeks out barriers to inclusion that disabled QTIPOC (Queer, Transgender and Intersex People of Colour) experience, then removes them. It encourages celebration of difference, and a re-centring of otherness that is life affirming, healing and a joyous political statement.

The artists who have been involved in so far:
Lasana Shabazz
Rachael Young
Ria Hartley
Malik Nashad Sharpe
Ebony Rose Dark
Yousef Khadoura (Toronto)
Syrus Marcus Ware (Toronto)
Lal Forest (Toronto)