One of BA's 'dancefloor hosts' ie members of the qtipoc community who populate the venue ensuring qtipoc magic happens in every corner. The are standing with hand on hip, a balloon in the other hand. They have a headpiece made of tassels that cover the eyes, and are facing the camera smiling. In the background are people dancing in a club, the lighting is shades of blue green and pink
Sea Sharpe as part of Brownton Abbey by Tarik Elmoutawakil. Photo by Victor Frankowski

Tarik Elmoutawakil – Brownton Abbey

Brownton Abbey – your Afro Futuristic Space-Church themed performance party that centres, celebrates and elevates queer people of colour, especially disabled people.

Brownton Abbey seeks to create a temporary experimental habitat in which people who are always ‘Othered’ are holistically able to create and control their own narratives in an intersectionally safe public setting.

With a combination of stunning performances, hypnotic visuals and tribal/decadent set, Brownton Abbey brings into being an alien space-church within which they manifest queer joy, welcoming celebration, creating a safe space where a truly diverse group of people can come together and transcend their everyday selves. The feeling of inclusivity is tangible and unforgettable.

Watch the Brownton Abbey trailer below.

Brownton Abbey was conceived in conversations between lead artist Tarik Elmoutawakil, and a collective of queer black and brown folks. The current list contains names of contributing artists from the collective.

Tarik Elmoutawakil – Lead Artist

Rob Jones – Creative Producer


Lasana Shabazz, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Ebony Rose Dar, Nima Sene, LAL FOREST, YES MEL (Sista Selecta), Mykki Blanco, Uhuruverse, Sarra Wilde (DJ), Big Freedia, Rachel Young, Ria Hartley, Xana, Yousef Kadoura, JUMEAU (DJ – Gal Pals), IAMFIYA (Sista Selecta).


The performance exists in a large scale format with a headline music act (500+ capacity), and a scaled down bless bar version that is designed for smaller venues, up to 200 people.

Past Touring

Brighton Festival

Unlimited Festival, Southbank Centre

Cripping the Arts, Toronto

Take Me Somewhere, Glasgow

Currently booking for spring/autumn 2020.


Exeunt magazine

The Scotsman

The Brighton Source



Read more about the Space Church where queer and black and brown folks with disabilities perform and party on the Brownton Abbey website.


7 March
NQTOB Folkstone
25 May 2019
Take Me Somewhere Festival, The Art School
24-26 January 2019
8 September 2018
Unlimited Festival , Southbank, London

Production images