A caucasian woman with short blonde hair lies on her front on the floor of a stage in a theatre. Her body resembles that of a shop mannequin and it is broken into pieces. Her torso is broken in two and there are further breaks at her left knee and right shoulder. Her detached right arm is clutching a microphone.
Storms don't last forever by Suzie Larke.

Suzie Larke – Unseen

Unseen is an exhibition of new conceptual photography which gives those with mental health experiences a way to translate their experiences and communicate what’s difficult to verbalise through imagery and a visual language.

Unseen conveys the message that mental health experiences, that might be considered beyond articulation and comprehension by others, are something that can be shared and acknowledged by the outside world and need not be suffered in isolation. The exhibition shows insights into a world as seen by a group of co-creators, visualising the struggles they may face on a day-to-day basis. The viewer observes an emotion or an experience, rather than simply capturing a moment in time.

The images in Unseen explore the interplay between the possible but improbable, combining photographs into a single, seemingly untampered image whilst defying logic.


19 March- 29 May
4 June- 17 July
2 - 11 September 2019
8 October - 15 November 2020
13 Jan – 28 March 2021
20 Jan – 16 April 2021
30 Jun–17 Jul 2021
Ffotogallery, Cardiff

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