The image shows a woman sat balancing on two chairs precariously stacked on top of each other. From ‘‘In the Mind’s Eye’. It depicts anxiety and uncertainty. It illustrates the precarious nature of anxiety; that the slightest thing can set you off kilter. I wanted to challenge the generic head in hands shot, commonly used by the media. I didn’t want the series to be too somber. I wanted to incorporate humour and a light-heartedness, to truly represent my experiences.
Balancing Act by Suzie Larke. Credit Joanne Edbury

Suzie Larke – Unseen

Unseen is an exhibition of new conceptual photography which gives those with mental health experiences a way to translate their experiences and communicate what’s difficult to verbalise through imagery and a visual language.

Unseen conveys the message that mental health experiences, that might be considered beyond articulation and comprehension by others, are something that can be shared and acknowledged by the outside world and need not be suffered in isolation. The exhibition shows insights into a world as seen by a group of co-creators, visualising the struggles they may face on a day-to-day basis. The viewer observes an emotion or an experience, rather than simply capturing a moment in time.

The images in Unseen explore the interplay between the possible but improbable, combining photographs into a single, seemingly untampered image whilst defying logic.