Headshot of Nye grimacing with mouth tucked inside the neck of his jumper. Image is monochromatic.
StammerMouth, Fluff. Photo by Tess Seymour Photography.

StammerMouth – IT Hz

IT Hz is a small-scale interactive theatre performance raising awareness about intrusive thoughts.

This R&D project involves a Cardiff-based collaboration between writer-performer Nye Russell-Thompson, producer George Soave, director Duncan Hallis, physical theatre practitioner Alice Downing, sound technician Joshua Bowles. The soundtrack will be created with Isle of Wight-based record label Slingshot Records and builds upon a previous music exploration period with them.

The project includes a two-week intensive Research and Development creative period at the Wales Millennium Centre (WMC) in Cardiff.

Beth House, Creative Producer at Taking Flight Theatre Company, will consult with the creative team on how to integrate accessibility for d/Deaf, blind, and wheelchair users.