A woman in a white T-shirt and ripped blue jeans poses in front of the camera. In the background a man is sitting on some stairs. Around them the walls are covered with graffiti.
Billy Read and Ariel Ching-Wai in 'Somebody's Watching Me.' Photo by Graeme Braidwood.

Billy Read – Somebody’s Watching Me

Somebody’s Watching Me was a cutting-edge digital dance show that deepened audiences’ and dancers’ experience of sound. It used live streaming to involve deaf audiences and was set in a dystopian future, where social justice has gone and tyranny prevails, deaf people sign language users are under surveillance. Unable to ‘whisper’, the two protagonists Billy Read and Ariel Fung used their dance skills to create a visual vocabulary to lead a rebellion amongst young deaf street dancers.

Artistically produced by mac, Birmingham, the show premiered at mac as part of the IDFB (International Dance Festival Birmingham) and Sense of mac, a festival about access for Visually impaired and hearing impaired audiences. In Hong Kong where Ariel Fung is based, the show will be presented at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.