‘Him’, Sheila Hill. Photo by Hugo Glendinning.

Sheila Hill – Him

Him lies somewhere between theatre and visual art. It is a reflection on life, stillness, and the nature of ageing.

An old man sits. The fleeting emotions on his face, filmed and projected large onto a screen beside him.

“I was at the docs today, then the chemist – and realised I’d left my umbrella in one of them. Got them to search everywhere. Then home to find I’d never taken it out… It’s like that these days.”

Spoken words are interwoven with live original music by Sebastiano Dessanay.

Him is being made in collaboration with photographer/videographer Hugo Glendinning, who is creating a series of short films within the work, and also a documentary about the project and its process, to complement the live performance.

Lighting design by Andrew Ellis.

With thanks to Howard Skempton

Performer: Tim Barlow

Him offers a rare opportunity to witness a very special kind of theatre, the sort that will continue to resonate in your subconscious for many years. A gift from an immensely talented performer and group of artists dedicated to their work.’ – Exeunt

‘Him – a gentle triumph. ‘ – Huffington Post

Live art performance for theatre spaces, with documentary film and portrait series of photographs to complement. 


Sheila Hill is a writer/theatre-maker and installation-artist. Words are her starting point. She always uses real voices in her work: recording interviews with people and editing their words down to a poetic core. She has also worked as a Guardian journalist, and a music curator founding Tabernacle Folk, a pioneering four-year London festival dedicated to extending and re-thinking traditional music.

Tim Barlow left the army in 1969 to pursue a career in acting. He had much success with a series of three autobiographical one-man shows describing his life as a British soldier, his work as an actor, and losing – then regaining – his hearing, via a cochlear implant. Tim has worked extensively with Complicite. He was one of the regulars in Derek Channel 4 and has recently filmed My Cousin Rachel, with Rachel Weisz.

Live art performance for theatre or gallery spaces. Documentary  film and portrait series of photographs to complement. Available Autumn 2016 onwards. 

Supported by Unlimited, with funding from Arts Council England, and additional support from Luminate.

Project websitehim-theatre.com


20-22 October 2016
Edinburgh Traverse , Edinburgh

6-8 October 2016
Birmingham Rep , Birmingham

17-18 September 2016
Glasgow Tramway , Glasgow

8-9 September 2016
Southbank Centre , London