A layered plywood sculpture representing different movements of the body on a white plinth inside Humber Street Gallery. The sculpture and wall behind has a projection of a dancing form on it (a line drawing).
Sam Metz Choreographic Objects photograph by Jules Lister Practice in Place Exhibition Humber Street Gallery.

Sam Metz – Making Solid: unpredictable bodies

Making Solid captures what an unpredictable body is and how a disabled body’s very presence transgresses societal restrictions. The project works with movement made solid, poeticising the fleeting interruptions of the disabled body through the creation of lasting documentations. As a disabled neurodivergent performer who has Tourette’s, short performances are an intrinsic part of Sam’s practice. Through drawing as stimming, film, animation, and sculptural installation (choreographic objects, in Sam’s vocabulary), the range of movements performed are captured.

Drawn works demonstrate the repetitive self-soothing actions of stimming through mark making. Making Solid therefore seeks to legitimise non-verbal communication and alternative body-based communication, inviting others to participate in this creative play.


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