Two men in a white room containing a circle of empty wooden chairs.

Rowan James – A Room Full of Elephant

A Room Full of Elephant is a full length theatre piece exploring the different models of disability and intersectionality by poet, theatre maker and accessible tech enthusiast Rowan James.

The elephant is inquisitive but shy.

The elephant is messy, big and clumsy.

Often the elephant makes the boy seem messy, big and clumsy by association.

There are hundreds of models of disability: social, British-social, American-social, antisocial, medical, feminist, consumer, cultural… the list is endless. Each model is a piece of a jigsaw, if it fits, great! If not, you’ll never be sure of what you’re looking at. A Room Full of Elephant is a tale picked from Rowan’s pockets exploring elephants, folktales and double-edged swords. No one can see the boy, only feel the effects of the ground shaking elephant.

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