Rowan James – A Room Full of Elephant

A Room Full Of Elephant is a full length theatre piece exploring the different models of disability and intersectionality by poet, theatre maker and accessible tech enthusiast Rowan James.

The show will explore imagery and stories that capture different models of disability, stressing the importance of not looking at things through one lens, and will bring the models to life through cultural stories, poetry and haptic audience experience.

A Room Full Of Elephant is based around the story of the blind village and the elephant, an ancient fable about the importance of looking at the whole situation in order to make informed judgements.

Rowan doesn’t wish to be identified as disabled under just the social or the medical model of disability because neither clearly identify him as a person.

“The social model of disability is a good counter to the medical model but it is still limited and doesn’t allow for the nuances and varying relationships to the word ‘disability’. It is lazy to use the word “disabled” in most circumstances, but we don’t yet have a better word to be able to linguistically do better.” Rowan James