Women is dancing in the centre of a room holding hands with a child and an adult. Audiences sit around the perimeter of the room.
Rosie Heafford, Second Hand Dance, Touch. Photo by Zoe Manders

Rosie Heafford – Second Hand Dance – Touch

Performed by four dancers, Touch is an improvised, interactive performance that gently encourages dancing, play and connection between performer and audience. After initial research in nursery settings in 2017, this project imagines a show for children who are in and out-patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Across two weeks, Second Hand Dance will research through performance with patients, staff, carers and four dancers.

“Touch connects, contains and stimulates. We are all touched hundreds of times each day, by loved ones by strangers and by inanimate objects. Before our eyes develop outside the womb, we learn the world through touch.” Second Hand Dance

Inspired by the worrying trend of ‘no touch’ policies within some schools and children’s centres, Touch is made at a time of increased awareness of sexual misconduct and transparency.

This project is a GOSH Arts Partnership Award.

GOSH Arts Manager, Caroline Moore, has written a blog about the collaboration which you can read here.