[(Video documentation, 19 seconds) Clear glass tubing filled with argon gas, bent in the shape of a rocky, clustered landscape is mounted to the wall in a dark room. A black cable joining the ends of each tube together is visible from the backlight of the tubes. The tubes are lit brightly, almost white, but they have a soft, pale-blue glow. The light flickers a bit, but never goes out completely. A single black cord on either side of the mounted tubes hangs towards the floor and out of the frame of the camera]

Romily Alice Walden – Remedial Geologies IV at Art B&B in Blackpool

Remedial Geologies is a series of works depicting natural rock formations in clear glass and noble gases created by artist Romily Alice Walden.

The work seeks to explore the link between natural landscape and wellness; echoing the artist’s experience of being separated from nature because of physical disability, and asking whether the landscape can still be remedial if viewed through a digital or abstracted medium. The work was originally conceived as a way to bring distant bodies of land off the screen and into Romily’s bedroom. The natural gas trapped inside the glass acts as a kind of bottled nature; bringing a tangible portion of the natural world into the house-bound experience. As the gas moves inside the glass, the pieces become living objects, countering the stillness and isolation that can develop in conjunction with physical and geographic constraints.

Remedial Geologies IV is currently sited in a multipurpose space at Art B&B, Blackpool. Art B&B was discussed on BBC Radio 4 on 15 November 2019, starting about ten minutes into the show.

Co-commissioned with Blackpool’s Art B&B, a boutique hotel for art lovers in the heart of Blackpool. The former Ocean Hotel at 180 The Promenade, Blackpool, has been redeveloped as part of a new Community Interest Company designed as a legacy project from Left Coast, an Arts Council England Creative People and Places project, which developed a programme of arts, culture and creative activity happening across Blackpool and Wyre on the Fylde Coast.

To visit the hotel or to book a stay, email crew@artbb.org

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