A man sitting on a red metal bench holding the lead of a bulldog standing at his left foot

Rinkoo Barpaga – Bubble and Butch

Rinkoo Barpaga’s Bubble and Butch revealed the vulnerability of young diverse deaf people.

The bullying and discrimination stops when Bubble is asked to look after a mean looking dog called Butcher. The dog is a metaphor for Bubbles access, acting like a superhero at every encounter in the hearing world. Butcher transforms Bubbles life for the better.

The whole story was communicated in a highly visual style; using for the first time urban sign language – a slanguage to demonstrate the creativity  amongst deaf people on the streets of the UK.

This defiant work tackled double discrimination, and mental health in the deaf world.


7 November 2017
24 October 2017
21 October 2017
Beaconsfield Gallery, Mic Drop: a performative symposium


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