Photograph by Paula Rae-Gibson

Richard Butchins – 213 Things About Me

Unlimited supported the development of 213 Things about Me; award winning documentary maker and disability journalist Richard Butchins’ first video work. Based on a list of personal traits written by a young autistic woman who died, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of writing and music, the work explored alienation, empathy, talent, social exclusion and love. Butchins created a multi-screen, immersive installation featuring the woman’s personal footage alongside new material and live performance elements. (ACE)

Richard contracted polio as a child, and it left him partially paralysed. After a random variety of activities including living in Paris as a street performer, and wandering around European cities, he became a freelance still photographer covering conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Ireland. He has worked for The Observer, Sunday Times and the Guardian amongst others.  Eventually Richard found himself in the UK television industry, making and developing documentaries and working as an investigative filmmaker. Richard lives in London and does not have a cat.

Listen to the 213 Things About Me podcast online.


2-4 November 2017
Battersea Arts Centre
7-29 May 2016
7-29 May, 2016 – Brighton Festival