A film still of a close up of a man's eyes and nose, he looks as if he is looking intently at something

Richard Butchins – The Voice of the Unicorn

A multi-disciplinary collaboration between Richard Butchins, well-known disabled dancer Kazuyo Morita and three prominent autistic Japanese artists – Yasuyuki Ueno, Mami Yoshikawa and Koji Nishioka, The Voice of the Unicorn is a set of artist moving image/experimental documentary pieces revealing an unseen world of the non-verbal.

Filmed by the artist, the aim is to create a unique encounter between each collaborator and the camera, which reveals the world from both the perspective of the artist and the filmmaker. The work explores the alienation, silence and isolation felt by disabled people and the “Philosophy of Mind” that underpins exclusion, but could also be used to subvert that same exclusion. It reflects on the variance in the way disability is experienced and represented in two differing cultures.

Winner of 2018 Sheffield Doc/Fest Interactive Award.


October 2019
Frontline Arts Festival, Stoke-On-Trent
9-17 November 2018
Noviembre Electronio
5-9 September 2018
7-12 June 2018

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Patrick Knill

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