People attach colourful balloons to trees
Meet Me By the Balloons, December 2016-January 2017, London, UK. Part of a series of public commission curated by _inventory Platform for Remapping Nine Elms: Winter Trails. Photo by Johnny Armstead

Rhine Bernardino – Have You Eaten?: Narratives and Stories behind Recipes from Across Asia

Have You Eaten? Is an artist cookbook that showcases recipes cherished from generations hailing from across Asia – focusing on East and the Southeast. It highlights the blend of flavours of home and history with the vibrancy of modern cooking and adaptability needed in creating these recipes outside of the continent, in this case, the UK. This project tells the stories behind the foods, of where we are from and where we are going, along with narratives that begins in our kitchens.

Have You Eaten? is a collectively made community artefact that expands the possibilities of realising a more dynamic, deeply rooted and extremely accessible piece of artwork in the form of a cookbook.

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