A woman is in the midst of dancing with her arms outstretched and looking up above. Strobe lighting falls across her green dress and the background of curtains is criss-crossed with lines.
Your Reality is Broken Friday Spectacular

Nwando Ebizie – Distorted Constellations

Distorted Constellations (DC) is a multimedia neuroscience and art project exploring Nwando Ebizie’s atypical perception and the rare neurological disorder ‘Visual Snow’.

Distorted Constellations is made up of an exhibition featuring an immersive environment, performance and sound installations, performance lectures, an interactive website, a scientific survey and accompanying publications.

Distorted Constellations is co-commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and HOME.



11-26 January 2019
PUSH Festival, HOME, Manchester

Production details

Lead Artist
Nwando Ebizie
Kirsten Cooke
Co-commissioned by
Eclipse Theatre and HOME