A woman in a black dress, viewed from above, wears a black dress with floating helium balloons attached to it.
Previous version of Never Happier at Fierce Festival, 2014.

Noëmi Lakmaier – Never Happier

Never Happier is a piece of contrasts and opposites. It explores and juxtaposes the artist’s specific body, that of a visibly disabled, queer woman and the diverse embodiments of audience members.  It starts a conversation and builds a playful bridge between the two with. This visually stunning performance is both a grand gesture and an intimate encounter. It fluctuates between the joyously light-hearted, and the strangely unsettling. It questions and plays with notions of power and control, beauty and the “normative”, consent and coercion.

For the duration of this performance the artist sits on the floor wearing a very long, elegant, black dress. In the beginning the dress is spread around her in a large circle. She is holding a very large bunch of party balloons that rises high up into the space, dwarfing her body by comparison. Audience members are invited to come up to her, take balloons out of her hand and attached them to the hem of her dress, slowly causing it to lift, until her face is obscured and her legs and underwear are exposed.

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