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Natasha Sutton Williams, Lesbian Pirates!

Natasha Sutton Williams – Lesbian Pirates!

Lesbian Pirates! is a musical based on the untold true story of the ruthless, maverick and lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These women met in the Caribbean in 1717 while cross-dressing as male pirates, fell in love, slaughtered swathes of men, stole treasure and escaped the law and execution.

Previously erased from history, this inspiring, rebellious, and incendiary female narrative will use original music and a cast of disabled performers to bring to life Anne and Mary’s sexy, violent and turbulent world.

Working Birthday will work with a cast of disabled performers to bring these female pirates’ stories to life, reflecting the reality that many pirates became disabled due to the harsh reality of their lives. The characters offer emotional breadth as they confront their violent actions, overcome their PTSD and sudden loss of limbs or senses, learning to live fully outside the mainstream.

This innovative touring musical can be performed on a collapsible outdoor structure of a shipwreck, as well as on historical ships that would be made fully accessible for the first time, both to the cast and audience.


26-27 March 2020
Royal & Derngate, Northampton

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