A dark image is spotlighted in the centre. A light-skinned person is lying on their back, their legs wrapped around in a dark, tight fabric, and strung up to the ceiling.
Film still from ‘I will wait’. Filmmaker: Rowan Virgo. Performer: Tilly Lee-Kronick. Director: Mish Weaver.

Mish Weaver — Parade of Horribles

Parade of Horribles by Mish Weaver / Stumble is a wild prosocial roadshow made up of a talented cast of circus artists, with experience in community engagement or climate communication and a collective motivation to ‘Make Empathy Cool Again.’

Beginning with engagement work with Bristol’s disadvantaged communities and around Stockton-on-Tee’s high streets, this roaming devised work offers cultural enrichment for varied sensibilities under the all-encompassing imperative for change.

Parade transforms shared lived experience into exquisite and accessible imagery, celebrating differences with empathetic humour in physical performance, spoken word and projection onto processional structures. With a subversive marketing campaign for the good of humanity and circus, they will amplify key local issues to connect with and inspire socially distanced audiences and create a touring model for 2022 and beyond.

From out of the wreckage of Covid-19 and into uncertain climate futures, the pandemic has shown that we can change our behaviour drastically. The work will respond by refining creative processes developed under Covid-19 and capitalise on the inclusivity of non-ticketed outdoor work, the fundamental accessibility of mobile performance and the diversity that is afforded by online collaboration and global virtual interaction.