Three people in yellow hazmat suits hold brooms, gazing outward. It is night time and they are standing on a square somewhere. Behind them is a big white inflatable baby, more people in yellow hazmat suits, and a circus playground. Two tall pillars beam out green light onto the scene.
Nickie Miles-Wildin and Mind the Gap — ZARA. Image by: Chris Payne

Mind the Gap & Nickie Miles-Wildin — Leave the Light on For Me

Leave the Light on For Me is a new piece of outdoor theatre for festivals by Nickie Miles-Wildin and Mind the Gap. Devised and performed by learning-disabled performers, it’s non-verbal and uses soundscape, physical performance, and evocative imagery that highlights the devastating impact of excluding people from climate change conversations.

The work will be a 20–30 minute outdoor production with creatively integrated audio description, which can be performed multiple times in a day. Audiences will experience a multi-sensory show that draws them in to engage with universal human stories about climate change, making the issues feel relevant, encouraging hope for change and acting as a call for action.

“The climate crisis impacts the whole biosphere on Earth. As the crisis deepens, the human race will learn to swim. Or sink. Literally.

Imagine… Tiny flowers are torn up as a tornado rages; a woman painstakingly paints pollen from one flower to another; people play in a pool, unaware of the water that’s slowly rising to their necks whilst those around build diving bells and learn to swim. A person drinks through a straw – that straw is taken away and we watch helplessly as he’s unable to drink. A couple play tennis, oblivious to the fire that’s closing in. You look around to see that your home is slowly disappearing.”